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Foil Stamping (Foiling)

This process is known as hot foil stamping. Foil stamping machines use heat to transfer metallic foil to a solid surface. Items that are normally foil stamped can include annual reports, pocket folders, product packaging, note-/thank you-cards, business cards, envelopes and letterhead. It is a permanent process and basically makes any writing look beautiful.

elmo embossed


Embossing is the process of raising an image, design or lettering on paper or other materials. It looks great and maybe more importantly – it feels great! That means people won’t be able to put down your beautiful invitations.

debossed elmo


Debossing is… You guessed it! The opposite of embossing. So whereas embossing raises lettering or an image, debossed lettering is pressed and sunken into the paper or other surface. We caution that this (and indeed embossing as well) will have consequences for the other side of the paper – but don’t worry. If it doesn’t look or feel good we can offer you some guidance.

elmo foiled & embossed

Foiled & Embossed

This is combination of embossing and foiling. Frankly, it gives a real luxury feel and look to all of our stationery and products – we love it. Especially a bit of copper foiling! We know you will do too.